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AUDIT Committee-

Chair: Denise Dorsey-La Canne CMA(AAMA) Members: Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA), Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA), Laura Hilman CMA(AAMA), Karen DeBruin CMA(AAMA)



Chair: Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA) Members: Joanne Steffens CMA(AAMA), Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA)


Benevolent Fund- Chair: Joanne Steffens CMA(AAMA) Members: Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA), Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA), Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA)


Budget And Finance- Chair: Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA) Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA), Julie Reider CMA(AAMA)


Bylaws- Chair: Joyce Muehlberger CMA(AAMA), Members: Julie Flaatten RN,CMA(AAMA), EMT-B, Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA), Laura Hilman CMA(AAMA), Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA), Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA)


Certification/Recertification- Chair: Janet Cowell CMA(AAMA) Members: Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA), Maria Thompson CMA(AAMA)


Computer Services- Chair: Connie Hantula CMA(AAMA)


Conference 2020- Chairs: Judy Newland CMA(AAMA), Nancy Kohls CMA(AAMA) Members: Valley Chapter


Education- Chair: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA) Members: Janet Cowell CMA(AAMA), Beth Ann Shearer CMA(AAMA), Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA), Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA)


Electronic Revenue- Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA), Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA), Megan Wesenberg CMA(AAMA)


Investment- Chair: Julie Reider CMA(AAMA) Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA)


Leadership and Mentoring- Judy Newland CMA(AAMA) Members: Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA), Nancy Kohls CMA(AAMA), Pauline Ho CMA(AAMA), Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA)


Membership- Chair: Judy Newland CMA(AAMA) Members: Claudia Hegg CMA(AAMA), Amanda Ansay CMA(AAMA)


Memorial Scholarship- Chair: Stephanie Rothering CMA(AAMA) Members: Connie Hantula CMA(AAMA), Joanne Steffens CMA(AAMA)


Nominating- Chair: Julie Reider CMA(AAMA) Members: Katy Beam CMA(AAMA), Kim Gropp CMA(AAMA), Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA), Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA)


Procedure Manual-Chair: Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA) Members: Nancy Kohls CMA(AAMA), Judy Newland CMA(AAMA), Denise Dorsey- La Canne CMA(AAMA),

Public Policy- Chair: Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA), EMT-B, Members: Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA)


Strategic Planning - Chair: Megan Wesenberg CMA(AAMA)(2017-2020) Members: Katie Blessing CMA(AAMA) (2017-2020), Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA) (2016-2019), Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA)(2018-2021),

Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA), EMT-B(2019-2022), Beth Ann Shearer CMA(AAMA)(2018-2021)


WSMA.NET- Chair: Megan Wesenberg CMA(AAMA) Members: Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA) EMT-B, Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA), Michelle Van Handel CMA(AAMA)


Partnership- Chair: Michelle Bjornstad CMA(AAMA), Members: Kim Gropp CMA(AAMA)


Ad Hoc Operation Reserves- Chair: Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA), EMT-B Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA),Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA),Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA)Julie Reider CMA(AAMA)


Corperate Agent- Nicholas Thompson CMA(AAMA)


Home Office Coordinator- Denise Dorsey-La Canne CMA(AAMA)


Public Relations- Chair: Michelle Van Handel CMA(AAMA) Members: Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA), Kim Gropp CMA(AAMA)



WSMA Committee List 2019-2020

Interested in joining a committee? Please reach out to the chair using the email addresses provided.