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Hello everyone!
This is Doni -
Doniel Noble, CMA (AAMA), RMA; Chair of the Committee/ Administrator is my baby, many would say.... and they would be correct. :)
It is still a baby, barely a year old, its starting to stand up and knock stuff over or fall down and cry... ;)

As the Committee continues to learn how it all works "behind the curtains", this is one of those functions we are trying to explore....

This is what I've termed an "E-lert" or notification via email.

I am testing this to better understand how to utilize it, but I need your help...there are "35 registered users", I am hoping at least 5 of you will respond.
All names will be kept confidential.

Your assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to send me an email at with the following information: (You could copy the following into the email and write your answers in a different text color or style after each question to make it easier)

  • What date did you receive this?

  • Are you a CMA (AAMA)? Membership with AAMA is current, etc.

  • How long have you been certified? If not certified, why not?

  • Are you employed as a CMA? please share - type of work, etc

  • How did you find out about the website?

  • What do/did you expect to find here? (What is missing?)

  • What do you like? What don't you like?

  • What you would like to see?
  • Are you involved in your local chapter? (if no, why not)

  • Please provide ANY feed back -

Thank you for any and all feedback....and of course, don't forget to like us on FaceBook!

Doniel (Doni) Noble, CMA (AAMA), RMA 
Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants (WSMA) Web Administrator

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