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Outgoing President's Speech

2016-2017 President

Tandra Bauman, CMA (AAMA), RMA

This is a special time of year for the WSMA; they say spring brings new growth. Nature cannot be hurried and yet blossoms bloom and sprouts grow, all is renewed.  I feel the same is true for my year as President.  I had huge shoes to fill. Immediate Past President, Gail Luttenberger said I should invest in a comfy pair of shoes.  Little did Gail know that I have a thing for shoes, and big feet on which I had to stand on!


I thought that Introductions were hard, turns out farewells are harder. When I accepted this role, I had many fears.  I wasn’t afraid of the work involved; or the multitude of personalities.  My biggest fear was that we wouldn’t accomplish everything that we had in my vision for the year.  Last April I started off by making this my goals for the year:, but I knew I wanted to have a motto to hold myself accountable to, and I also shared this with the Executive Board “Believe me, nothing great is accomplished without enthusiasm, perseverance and confidence” I read this quote in old paperwork from Alice Bundy (a wsma president from 1955) Along this year’s journey, I did discover “I may be president by title BUT we are a TEAM!”


I had and still have a vision for the WSMA and its future.  For 3 years we wanted to give our members options on how they could pay for attending the WSMA events. This year the ad-hoc PayPal committee introduced PayPal and had it up and running before our November 5 PDAS.  We introduced E-Blast to our members; recognizing communication is key to the success of our organization.  Currently, we are working tirelessly on forming ideas to promote mentoring and leadership from within.  The formation of the Ad-hoc mentoring and leadership committee is proof of the direction we see our organization heading, and now we will be working on the wsma.net website, to make it more user friendly, and up to date. My vision was ambitious; I knew I was surrounded by hard-working, dedicated and compassionate CMAs who shared my dreams and visions.  


If I could take anything away from my experiences, mutual respect and how we communicate with one another are the keys to success. I’m surrounded by talented people; I have no doubt that our incoming President Kim Gropp will continue my vision for the WSMA.  

If my grandkids asked me what my superpower is; I’d have to say it’s my gift to persevere. The definition of the word persevere is to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose despite difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement, and continue steadfastly.  

As this chapter closes, I’m excited for the future.  My doors will forever be open to the members from our society and I will never stop making contributions towards the success our Organization.  As I look out in the audience today, I am humbled to share the same credentials as everyone else.  Certified Medical Assistants are multi-faceted healthcare professionals.  


I have cherished my role as your WSMA President.  I would like to thank my husband Bill for his patience dealing with all of the phone calls, and all of the time I spent on the computer, (honey, just to let you know I will still be on the phone and computer. Guess what?  I am now chair of wsma.net) Also, to all of you for allowing me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.  


Again, thank you

Tandra Bauman, CMA (AAMA), RMA


Tandra Bauman