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Installation Speech

2018-2019 President

Julie Reider, CMA (AAMA)


It is with deep gratitude that I accept the position of your 2018-2019 President.  This is a great responsibility and I am committed, in the execution of my duties, to earn the confidence you have placed in me.


This year holds great promise for us.  Building upon the mission and Strategies of our organization we will continue to forge ahead, always grateful for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for us. I would like to read Vision Statement #3: The Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants will have an active, growing membership that participates in leadership development, continuing education, and financially supports all WSMA activities and projects.  The Objectives of this is to increase the quality and quantity of our leadership base, continue to refine the Executive Committee mentoring program and to Prepare future leaders to transition from local to state leaders.


Let’s all work towards this goal.   Wisconsin has always been a leader.   Alice Bundy, from Wisconsin, began our professional organization.  Not just Milwaukee.  Not just Wisconsin.  But the AAMA as well.   It is because of her and all that have come since, that we are here now – enjoying great speakers on the latest, hot topics.  It is our duty to continue this honorable endeavor.  How will we make sure WSMA continues well into the future?  


Through your Contributions … Your commitment in time and resources will be a testament to the Medical Assisting Career.  We have been called to this profession and I ask for your help.  I would like to see new faces up here next year.  Together in this mission we will find strength.


What does WSMA do for you if you step up to leadership.  Many things: personal growth, a mentor in leadership, and a resume upgrade.  Just think of it – you want that supervisor position but you don’t have any experience.  Where do you get it?  Well right here!  What could be easier?  And for FREE.  Plus, a sense of pride and dignity.  Please take some time, if you haven’t already, to talk with a board member today.


I put my faith in you.  No matter how busy and crazy life gets – there is always someone to move us forward.  As members we enjoy camaraderie, time with friends, meeting new people, exchanging ideas and experiences with our peers.  This motivates us and it can be seen in the energy and vitality of this group.


I once again want to thank you, the members of WSMA for the privilege and honor of being your president.  I will work without ceasing to live up to your faith in me.