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WSMA 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

GOAL:  Provide rapid and relevant communications.

Objective:  Use  social  media  and  electronic  communications  to  inform  and  engage members and  external  audiences.                        

Objective:  Retain members by improving communications according to a targeted time frame.


GOAL:  Promote benefits of membership in WSMA and AAMA.

Objective:  Increase membership, retention, recruitment, and total membership.


GOAL:  Brand the WSMA as a resource for the profession.

Objective:  Promote WSMA Mission, Vision, and AAMA Core Values to the general membership.

Objective:  Network with health care organizations and local chapters.

Objective:  Promote tools that assist members with promoting the profession and the WSMA.


GOAL:  Strengthen the mentor program for future WSMA leaders.  

Objective:  Increase the quality and quantity of leadership base.

Objective:  Continue to refine the Executive Committee mentoring program.

Objective:  Prepare future leaders to transition from local to state leaders.


GOAL:  Reward member achievements.                                                                              

Objective:  Promote and recognize ongoing and outstanding achievements of members.      


GOAL:  Monitor financial status of WSMA.

Objective:  Maintain  sufficient  assets  to  achieve  the  goals  and  objectives  of  the WSMA.


GOAL:  Advance technology.

Objective:  Take advantage of emerging technology.                                                                                

Objective:  Enhance membership services.

Objective:  Increase productivity.

Objective:  Evaluate potential cost savings.

Objective:  Investigate technology needed to conduct meetings.                    


GOAL:  Protect the CMA (AAMA) Right to Practice.  

Objective:  Advocate against any state laws or decisions that would take away the standard duties of CMAs (AAMA).  Advocate for state laws and policies that would protect the scope of practice of CMAs (AAMA).        


GOAL:  Promote the CMA (AAMA) as the preferred credential.

Objective:  Encourage CMAs (AAMA) to promote the profession and credential to employers.

WSMA Mission Statement:

The mission of the Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants (WSMA), in affiliation with the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), is to provide the medical assistant professional with education, certification, credential acknowledgment, networking opportunities, scope-of-practice protection, and advocacy for quality patient-centered health care.


WSMA Vision Statement:

By the year 2018:

1. The CMA (AAMA) will be the premier choice of physicians/employers and the public, within the allied health profession.

2. All CMAs (AAMA) will keep their certifications current by recertifying every five years.

3. The Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants (WSMA) will have an active, growing membership that participates in leadership development and continuing education, and financially supports all WSMA activities and projects.


CMA (AAMA) Core Values:

Actively participate in the delivery of quality health care.

Promote patient safety and well-being.

Contribute to a positive health care experience for patients.

Demonstrate integrity and respect, and protect patient confidentiality.

Advocate the essential value of certification and continuing education.

Embrace change, growth, and learning.


Definition of the Medical

Assisting Profession:  

Medical assistants are multiskilled members of the health care team who perform administrative and clinical procedures under the supervision of licensed health care providers.