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Awards & Scholarships

Memorial Scholarship Award

The winner of the 2021-2022 Memorial Scholarship is a well deserving student from Fox Valley Technical College. Her noted academics, performance and interpersonal skills will definitely shine as a medical assistant in the field. Her professors have seen her helping and supporting other students along with her excellent time management skills. She is a strong communicator and we know she will be a great representative of Wisconsin Medical Assistants. We hope to see her in the future as an active member of the WSMA.



If you or know someone who would be a great recipient of the Memorial Scholarship Fund, please complete an application. Now taking applications for 2022-2023!

The Wisconsin Society of Medical Assistants is funding a scholarship program for students who are interested in medical assisting as a health care profession.  The scholarship consists of two $1500 awards.  The funds will be paid the student to directly be used for the medical assistant program at their chosen educational institution in the next semester of their school year.


The Society will consider a Scholarship Award for a student who satisfies all of the following:

1.       Wisconsin resident.

2.       Enrollment in a CAAHEP/ABHES Accredited Medical Assisting program,   attending the core medical assisting courses.

3.       Documented GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of application.


Although AAMA membership is not an eligibility requirement, applicants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of membership in a professional organization.


Application Process

The following documentation is required for the WSMA Memorial Scholarship Award:

1.       A completed WSMA Memorial Scholarship Award Application Form and return it no later than February 1st.

2.       Documentation of financial need.

3.       Documentation of GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of application.

4.       A letter of recommendation from two academic instructors.

5.       A typed personal letter from the applicant introducing him/herself to the Memorial Scholarship Awards Committee that outlines the following:

                   a.       Student's background and financial need.

                   b.       Personal goals and plans.

                   c.       Involvement in professional and community organizations.

                   d.       Why the student believes he/she should be the recipient of

                             this scholarship.

Medical Assistant of the Year

The Medical Assistant of the year is a way to show appreciation for members who have given so much of their time, talent, and dedication to make our organization what it is today. The Medical Assistant helps us to share their accomplishments and give the Medical Assistants an opportunity to recognize those individuals and to show our gratitude. The Medical Assistant of the year submissions deadline for every year is now July 1st.


 The nominee must meet the following requirements


  1. Be a WSMA member

  2. Have been a member of the AAMA for at least 3 years

  3. Served as an officer and/or committee chairman at the chapter, state, or national level

  4. Made some specific, outstanding contribution to the field of medical assisting over and above usual duties associated with being an officer or committee chairman.

  5. Been an asset to their community.


The Medical Assistant of the year submissions deadline for every year is now July 1st.


Professional Achievement Award

The professional achievement award is the advance placement of our profession that depends not only on our competency as practicing medical assistants, but also upon our dedicated and resourceful leaders. This award is designed to recognize the achievements of medical assistants in both areas. Deadline for this award is 2/4/2023

Medical Assistant of Year
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