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Awards & Scholarships

Medical Assistant of the Year

The Medical Assistant of the year is a way to show appreciation for members who have given so much of their time, talent, and dedication to make our organization what it is today. The Medical Assistant helps us to share their accomplishments and give the Medical Assistants an opportunity to recognize those individuals and to show our gratitude. Submissions are due 2/4/2023


 The nominee must meet the following requirements


  1. Be a WSMA member

  2. Have been a member of the AAMA for at least 3 years

  3. Served as an officer and/or committee chairman at the chapter, state, or national level

  4. Made some specific, outstanding contribution to the field of medical assisting over and above usual duties associated with being an officer or committee chairman.

  5. Been an asset to their community.


Submissions are due 2/4/2023

Professional Achievement Award

The professional achievement award is the advance placement of our profession that depends not only on our competency as practicing medical assistants, but also upon our dedicated and resourceful leaders. This award is designed to recognize the achievements of medical assistants in both areas. Deadline for this award is 2/4/2023