WSMA Committee List 2019-2020

AUDIT Committee-

Chair: Denise Dorsey-La Canne CMA(AAMA) Members: Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA), Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA), Laura Hilman CMA(AAMA), Karen DeBruin CMA(AAMA)



Chair: Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA) Members: Joanne Steffens CMA(AAMA), Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA)


Benevolent Fund- Chair: Joanne Steffens CMA(AAMA) Members: Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA), Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA), Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA)


Budget And Finance- Chair: Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA) Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA), Julie Reider CMA(AAMA)


Bylaws- Chair: Joyce Muehlberger CMA(AAMA), Members: Julie Flaatten RN,CMA(AAMA), EMT-B, Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA), Laura Hilman CMA(AAMA), Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA), Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA)


Certification/Recertification- Chair: Janet Cowell CMA(AAMA) Members: Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA), Maria Thompson CMA(AAMA)


Computer Services- Chair: Connie Hantula CMA(AAMA)


Conference 2020- Chairs: Judy Newland CMA(AAMA), Nancy Kohls CMA(AAMA) Members: Valley Chapter


Education- Chair: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA) Members: Janet Cowell CMA(AAMA), Beth Ann Shearer CMA(AAMA), Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA), Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA)


Electronic Revenue- Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA), Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA), Megan Wesenberg CMA(AAMA)


Investment- Chair: Julie Reider CMA(AAMA) Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA)


Leadership and Mentoring- Judy Newland CMA(AAMA) Members: Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA), Nancy Kohls CMA(AAMA), Pauline Ho CMA(AAMA), Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA)


Membership- Chair: Judy Newland CMA(AAMA) Members: Claudia Hegg CMA(AAMA), Amanda Ansay CMA(AAMA)


Memorial Scholarship- Chair: Stephanie Rothering CMA(AAMA) Members: Connie Hantula CMA(AAMA), Joanne Steffens CMA(AAMA)


Nominating- Chair: Julie Reider CMA(AAMA) Members: Katy Beam CMA(AAMA), Kim Gropp CMA(AAMA), Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA), Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA)


Procedure Manual-Chair: Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA) Members: Nancy Kohls CMA(AAMA), Judy Newland CMA(AAMA), Denise Dorsey- La Canne CMA(AAMA),

Public Policy- Chair: Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA), EMT-B, Members: Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA)


Strategic Planning - Chair: Megan Wesenberg CMA(AAMA)(2017-2020) Members: Katie Blessing CMA(AAMA) (2017-2020), Kim Cooper CMA(AAMA) (2016-2019), Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA)(2018-2021),

Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA), EMT-B(2019-2022), Beth Ann Shearer CMA(AAMA)(2018-2021)


WSMA.NET- Chair: Megan Wesenberg CMA(AAMA) Members: Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA) EMT-B, Christine Judnic CMA(AAMA), Michelle Van Handel CMA(AAMA)


Partnership- Chair: Michelle Bjornstad CMA(AAMA), Members: Kim Gropp CMA(AAMA)


Ad Hoc Operation Reserves- Chair: Julie Flaatten RN, CMA(AAMA), EMT-B Members: Rene’ Puetz CMA(AAMA),Gail Luttenberger CMA(AAMA),Cyndi Ruebl CMA(AAMA)Julie Reider CMA(AAMA)


Corperate Agent- Nicholas Thompson CMA(AAMA)


Home Office Coordinator- Denise Dorsey-La Canne CMA(AAMA)


Public Relations- Chair: Michelle Van Handel CMA(AAMA) Members: Amanda Morstatter CMA(AAMA), Kim Gropp CMA(AAMA)


We are the state level affiliate of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), the National organization that oversees the profession of Medical Assisting.


We serve as an information source and networking group dedicated to the occupation of Medical Assisting.


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